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North Hill Village Hall, Lynher Close, North Hill, Launceston, Cornwall, PL15 7PQ

The Village Hall Committee meets regularly (normally the second Tuesday of the month) to discuss general Hall business and specific projects and events. Members of the local community are welcome to attend any meetings they wish although it would be appreciated if advance notice was given of attendance. This would ensure that we have enough tea and biscuits to go round! You may contact members of the management committee by emailing the bookings secretary.

Jonathan Billinge

Vice Chair
Hayley Budge

Mary Budge

Judith Pollard

Bookings Secretary
Judith Woods

Other Committee Members
Jen Bousfield
Richard Boggis (Maintenance)
Jaine Taylor-Bain (Health & Safety

NHVH Agenda 19 March 2019

NHVH Minutes 12 Feb 2019

NHVH Minutes 8 Jan 2019

NHVH User Group Minutes 8 Jan 2019